Run 3
Run 3

What can be easier than the game with one action? And what can be more interesting? Check your nerves in game with the simplest name Run 3. Have you already guessed what has been waiting for you? Yes, you will run, run a lot, run for a long, long time. And if you will slow down even for one millisecond you will lose the game. And do not fall off, never. Just keep to move on and set a record by record.

There’s a whole new galaxy waiting to be explored!

There are two ways you can play Run 3: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. To add more levels to your Galaxy Map, choose Explore Mode. The Runner will encounter lots of new tunnels and areas, and may bump into some friends along the way!

For an endless run, choose Infinite Mode. You’ll find power cells scattered across the tunnels in this mode. You’ll have to watch your step though! If you fall out of the tunnel in Infinite Mode, it’s game over. You can use power cells to continue your run with a new character.

Good luck in your complicated mission and do not give up!

Control: Run 3

Use the arrow keys to run and jump through the space tunnels.

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the world as you go.

The game is updated to the latest.

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