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Puppet Soccer Zoo


Puppet Soccer Zoo is a soccer heads game like its prequels, but this time cute animals are competing in 1 on 1 matches! In each match, you can temporarily upgrade your character to increase your goal's length while decreasing the opponent's. Shoot power-ups to get immediate bonus effects, such as a speed boost and the ability to freeze your opponent. Keep winning the campaigns to earn money, get various upgrade items, and collect more player cards!

Shoot, kick and score in the most addicting pocket soccer game!
Do you have what it takes to become a Legend? Train your skills, practice free kicks, improve one-on-one defense and no offside offense here.


As you progress, the opponents get stronger, so you want to upgrade your player to increase his quality. Go to the laboratory to combine cards to unlock a better player. Don't forget to upgrade your stadium complex with various buildings to increase the amount of money that you have. Are you the best animal soccer player? Try to win the league!

How to play?

Left and right arrow to move left or right.
Up arrow to jump.
Down arrow to kick the ball.
Space bar to shoot at the goal (if the charge is full).

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