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Freddy Run 1


Freddy Run 1 is a hyper casual spooky running game where you need to help a young boy named Freddy survive inside a terrifying nightmare. The action takes place inside a haunted castle where lots of deadly traps and dangerous monsters will try to take you down, yet be warned that inside each of the five levels your will also face the evil Soul Catcher. He will hunt you down continuously so be prepared as once he appears behind you and starts to pull back his sharp scythe to get ready and press the jump button in order to avoid getting knocked out.

In total there are five levels you need to survive, yet be warned that inside each stage beside dealing with the regular enemies you will also have to avoid Soul's Catcher scythe attacks from behind so once he appears keep an eye on him. As soon as he pulls back the scythe getting ready to attack press the jump button in order to avoid the sharp blade.

How to play?

Up - jump; Down - slide; X - shoot.

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