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Drift Hunters


Drift Hunters is an drift racing video game to play online and offline!

You will have to perfect the skill in a drift on the car. Show in fact all your extreme driving skills and burn the.

The most realistic car drifting simulator

- Over 25 awesome drift cars. Drive your dreams
- Detailed car tuning
- The best car customization. Paint your car in any color with 4 types of paint. Change rims, paint rims. Stance it
- Upgrade performance of your car - make more skids
- 10 nice tracks for drifting, racing or just doing burnouts
- Realistic drift physics
- Collect drift points and earn money
- Try different handling schemes

If you enjoy drift culture and jdm at all, be sure - drift hunters is for you
Download now and feel true drifting experience!.

How to play?

Space - handbrake.
C - change cam.
LShift - shift up.
lCTRL - shift down

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