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Drift Boss


Drift Boss is a casual game in which you have the goal of driving through an endless road with steep curves. However, yes, anticipating changes in the direction of the road to react in time and avoid falling into the void.

With Drift Boss Game, the car will automatically move in a straight line once the game begins. In such a complicated route, you will need to constantly change directions. For this reason, to move the car to the right, you will need to hold your finger on top of the screen and to move it left, you will need to lift it from the screen.

Drift Boss will keep you glued to the screen for hours if you want to demonstrate your driving skills or test your reflexes.

How far can you drift? Keep drifting and collecting the coins to unlock trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, and more vehicles.

How to play?

On mobile: You want to move to the right, you'll have to 'touch' the touchscreen, and to move the car to the left you just lift your finger off the screen.

On PC: You want to move right, you will have to press the left mouse button or space, release button to move left.

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